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Metal Bed Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

When considering purchasing a bed frame, you are bombarded with options like wood, upholstered, and metal beds. Undoubtedly nothing can beat a wooden bed frame’s classic feel and comfort. But when you want high robustness and aesthetic looks, metal bed frames have to be your first choice.    

Being one of the leading metal furniture manufacturers, we understand the need to design the frames in such a way that they will fit your theme irrespective of the place where you want to plan. Our metal beds come in different styles and designs giving you the freedom to decorate the room as per your taste. While you made up your mind for buying a metal bed, then here’s the right guide for you to pick the right bed for a sound sleep.  

Metal bed 

“What is my metal bed made of?” This might be one of the first thoughts that arise in your mind when you pick a metal bed frame. Usually, the metal bed frame is made of iron, steel, aluminum, or brass which gives the frame sturdiness and strength. All of these make metal bed frames one of the most sought-after bed frame types. While offline shopping is the best option for picking metal furniture, online shopping is also nothing less nowadays. Understanding the busy lifestyle of the people, several manufacturers have started catering to online orders and thus giving the online sales of metal beds in India a hike. 

Why buy a metal bed? 

Why buy a metal bed?

  • Versatile: Metal beds are versatile and thus can be used to create several different designs. They can be molded to create various details and can be painted to get a wide range of finishes. The popular misconception about the metal bed frame is that it suits a fairy-like decoration but in reality, they are a perfect fit for a minimalist decor room too. The best part with the metal bed frame is that if you feel like changing the look of the room, then all you got to do is simply repaint the bed frame and upgrade it to the latest trend. 
  • Durability: When compared with any other bed frame, metal frames have unmatchable durability. When paired with high-quality construction, nothing can go wrong. Bed frames made of metal can resist movements without the risk of getting brittle over time and can bear a heavy weight too. In recent times, bed frames come with additional legs which increases the support to prevent early sagging.      
  • Easy to Maintain: It’s a known fact that wooden bed frames are very vulnerable to insect infestations when exposed to extreme weather changes. Fabric bed frames are prone to staining and accumulating dust, and thus needs to be regularly cleaned. However, metal beds, significantly require less maintenance and have more resistance to staining and damage caused by heat and humidity. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a light design and versatile molding of the metal bed you get to add effortless elegance and luxury to any space. Metal is easier to work with, compared to other materials which require lots of work to be designed. Thus, many metal furniture manufacturers can add a variety of styles without a hefty price. 

With these benefits of the metal bed frame, we are sure that you are all green for the purchase. It is the best bed frame that will suit your needs and style. When making the purchase, make sure to match your lifestyle, space requirements, style preference, and of course, your budget. Many metal varieties are loved for shared rooms since they are light enough to fit the space while giving the area an illusion of an additional footprint. 

Things to Remember Before You Make Your Purchase 

Before you start your search for the perfect metal bed which will be a perfect solution for your sound sleep. read on to this guide.  

Things to Remember Before You Make Your Purchase

  • Measure the room: It is important to know how much free space you have will influence your decision of purchasing a bed too large or too small. While measuring the space, consider the placement of other furniture too. If you are buying a metal bed for an already decorated room, take the rest of the room into consideration. 
  • Rethink your bedroom style: Is your room empty or already furniture? it’s important to keep these bedroom furnishings in mind when searching for a metal bed. Some might want the bed to blend into the existing furniture while others will want to pick a style that contrasts with the rest of the space. Pick a style that’s cohesive with your current furnishings to emphasize the bed as the focal point. 
  • Decide your budget: Knowing how much you want to spend beforehand will make your search narrow and thus make the final decision easier. Having a rough price point in mind, as well as the bed frame size you wish to opt for is the easier way to quicken the purchase process. 
  • Build a word-of-mouth recommendation: Ask your family and friends who own a metal bed to recommend a particular style or their experience with the metal bed. Sharing real pictures of the room styled with a metal bed can earn you extra points. If you have a customer who styled their kid’s room with a metal bed, get the child’s feedback. A child or teen who has had some input in their choice of bed will be more inclined to like it.
  • Bed Slats: Ply-sprung wooden slats, metal slats, and iron sheet slats are the common kind of bed slats. Wooden slats are connected to the bed with plastic caps, and you need to fix them to the caps one by one, no need screws. Metal slats normal with 16mm diameter tube, thickness 0.7 or 0.8mm. One needs to insert the slats to the holes drilled on the side of the side rail, or plug in the holes. A slat distance of 8-10cm is suitable for box springs and foam mattresses.  
  • Bed Frame Height: Many people might have faced issues when choosing a bed in the height of the bed frame. If too short, each time the person stands up, they might need to squat. If too high, it will be a bit of trouble, to half-climb up. A sitting height of about 40 -50 cm will be more comfortable. A bed frame height of 25cm is better to match the 20-30cm thickness of the spring mattress. A height of 40cm can match a 10cm sponge mattress or coir mattress. Bed frame height with 30-34cm, one can match a 20-25cm spring mattress, 10-15cm sponge or coir mattress also works. So when you buy a bed please check the bed frame height first, whether it can match your mattress well.

At Homdec, you can get metal beds in all of the standard bed sizes. Our metal beds are simple to care for and have durable finish than other types of beds. But go easy on wax or abrasive cleaners as they can damage most types of metal finishes. Solvents such as nail polish remover and paint thinner can also ruin the finish of your metal bed. For more queries about how to care about your metal bed frame, contact us.