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Queen Size Metal Beds

Get the Best Queen Size Metal Beds from Homdec

Discover unbeatable value with Homdec's queen-size metal beds, crafted meticulously to blend style, durability, and affordability. With prices ranging from just Rs. 9,599 to Rs. 11,699, along with other seasonal discounts, our diverse collection of metal queen beds offers the perfect balance between luxury and cost-effectiveness. Choose Homdec for your queen-size metal bed needs and experience the comfort and elegance of our designs, without compromising your budget.

Reaping the Rewards with Homdec's Queen-Size Metal Beds

Choosing Homdec's queen-size metal beds offers numerous advantages that enhance your sleeping experience and interior decor.

  • Space-Efficient : Queen-size metal beds offer ample space for couples or individuals who prefer extra room, without occupying too much floor space, making them ideal for medium-sized rooms.
  • Durability : Our metal queen beds are constructed from high-quality metal, ensuring longevity and robustness. They are designed to withstand the test of time.
  • Design Variety : We offer a wide range of metal queen-size bed designs to complement different home decors, from minimalist to contemporary, to classic styles.
  • Easy to Maintain : Queen-size metal beds are easy to clean and maintain, saving you time and effort.
  • Affordability : Despite their high quality and design variety, our queen-size metal beds are priced competitively, making luxury accessible to all.

Some Stellar Homdec's Queen-Size Metal Beds

  • Homdec Ara Queen-Size Metal Bed : Our Ara queen-size metal bed is the epitome of elegance. Its sleek and minimalistic design is ideal for modern interiors, with a sturdy frame ensuring long-term durability. The high-quality metal bed comes in both black and brown, adapting to your decor with grace.
  • Homdec Lyra Queen-Size Metal Bed : The Lyra bed, an exquisite addition to our queen-size metal beds collection, showcases a distinctive design that adds a dash of sophistication to any bedroom. With its robust construction and high-quality metal frame, the Lyra bed promises enduring performance. Available in black and brown, it effortlessly matches various decor styles.
  • Homdec Ursa Queen-Size Metal Bed : A part of our diverse range of queen-size metal beds, the Ursa bed exudes a timeless appeal. Its sturdy frame ensures longevity, while the chic design reflects our commitment to crafting stylish and affordable furniture. Available in both black and brown, the Ursa bed offers a touch of classic elegance to your bedroom.


Yes, Homdec's queen-size metal beds are designed to comfortably accommodate two people.

Yes, our queen-size metal beds come with a detailed assembly guide to facilitate a smooth setup process.

Yes, we offer a variety of designs for our customers. In addition to Ara, Lyra, and Ursa, we also have the Antlia Queen-Size Metal Bed, Dorado Queen-Size Metal Bed, and Phoenix Queen-Size Metal Bed in our collection.

Homdec's queen-size metal beds range from Rs. 9,599 to Rs. 11,699. But kindly note that we keep coming up with exclusive seasonal offers and discounts that make our metal bed prices even more exciting

Yes, all Homdec products, including our queen-size metal beds, come with a 2-year warranty.