Create More Space with a Space-saving Metal Bed

Create More Space with a Space-saving Metal Bed

The task of creating an elegant sleeping space in a limited area can be challenging. That’s why we have published this blog, to guide you on how to style a space-saving bed for a small room. From solving space issues to letting you sleep comfortably to making extra space for your stuff, space-saving beds play an important role in small rooms. To bring a solution to that, we at Homdec bring you an exclusive range of space-saving multifunctional beds

Save it with a bunk bed 

Our bunk beds are an amazing option for your kid’s room. They are not only kid-friendly but also a great space-saving option. Every child loves to roll around on their own bed but getting two single beds can burn holes in your pocket and eat up the entire space. If you have two kids then a bunk bed is the best bid. 

When buying a space-saving bunk bed, you get a bed with neat featured steps leading up to the top bunk. There’s no detachable ladder, which makes these beds great for small rooms and spaces. Bunk beds are fun one bed over the other is better than one bed next to another. Take a look at our space-saving bunk bed designed for small rooms here. You will thank a well-designed bunk bed when your kids enjoy has plenty of floor space to play around in. Read on to know more about the benefits of a metal bunk bed for your kid’s room: 


  • Safe: While the kids will love a bunk bed, the biggest fear of parents is that the child in the upper tier might fall off. This is a genuine concern; however, our metal bunk beds with side rails help ensure that child is safe while they sleep or play, thus helping the parents sleep free of worries. 
  • More play space: Being stacked up one over another, the bunk bed leaves plenty of space for the kids to spread and play. When sufficient indoor space is a luxury in India, this indeed is a smart solution. 
  • More fun: With a bunk bed, you can make sleep time a fun time for your kids. Help them decorate their little zone, place the bed next to the wall for them to have enough space to hang drawings or posters, and turn that space into their fun corner. 
  • Lighter to move: Kids love change, and if you want to move the bed to different corners occasionally, metal bunk beds are the best option. This also comes in handy when moving houses. Just dismantle the bed, carry it to the new space and install it again. 
  • Easier to maintain:  Metal bunk beds are easy to clean and maintain, as they are less likely to be infested by termites or bed bugs, thus keeping your children’s sleep space safe and hygienic.  

Save it with a folding bed 

A metal folding bed proves to be a most useful invention in the bedding segment! A folding bed is not a space-saving solution but also a savior when guests drop in. It can be also used as an extra bed for kids, as they are easy to store. Buying metal folding beds online is now easy with a wide variety of folding beds and is becoming the most frequently sold furniture these days. Read on to know why a metal folding bed is your best choice as a space-saving bed:  

Create More Space with a Space-saving Metal Bed

  • Easy to Store: True to its name, a folding bed is quite easy to store, and can be conveniently placed in the store room or on ceiling storage. They can fit in a small space and thus save them from disturbing you while your chores. 
  • Size: When buying metal folding beds, consider the usage and storage space you have. Generally, the medium size folding beds are preferred. Check the space and according to that buy a folding bed.
  • Maintenance: A metal folding bed is easy to maintain, taking a limited space and an occasional cleaning with just a dry cloth. One can source easy to clean folding bed online and can also get a soft mattress for it at a considerably affordable rate. 
  • Convenient: When short of bedding, you can use cloth-made layers but they are not suitable for every season, nor everyone will be comfortable. With a metal folding bed, you can decide on your own what fabric you want to use. Many companies are providing soft mattresses suitable for folding beds.

Save it with a loft bed 

A loft bed is a bed that is raised high enough to allow the use of the floor space below for various purposes. With a loft bed, you can experience a sleeping high feeling, but a bunk bed won’t be you don’t need two beds in a room, a loft bed may be the perfect option for you. 

To ensure superior quality we build beds that can last a lifetime, we source high-quality, incredibly durable and surprisingly lightweight material. We are committed to creating a quality product that meets every unique need of the customers. Here are some of the main reasons why you want to go with a metal bed frame for your loft bed.

  • Stronger: Our metal loft beds are built from high-quality metals and are naturally going to be stronger than even the most powerful wooden loft beds since the materials are capable of holding significantly more weight without breaking down. 
  • Safer: Not only are our metal loft bed frames incredibly strong, but they are also safer than the major ones in the market. Metal loft beds are durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear without degrading. 
  • Sturdier: Despite having size options our metal loft beds never sway thanks to the stable metal materials we use to build the bed frames. On the other hand, most wooden bed frames will eventually start to warp or weaken with age.
  • More Stylish: In order to build a wooden bed close to your dreams you would have to construct a very bulky product which will have a limited aesthetic value. By contrast, our metal loft beds are stylish, modern designs with the ultimate goal of functionality. Nothing will make your loft or bunk bed experience feel more mature than the sleek and attractive metal frame.

When it comes to complimenting an urban lifestyle, a metal bed frame provides you with the strength and stability that a wooden bed simply can’t offer. And in addition to the massive weight capacity and unmatched stability, the metal beds from Homdec also have a stylish, sophisticated design that will make your room feel grown up and trendy. Homdec is the leading manufacturer of metal furniture and bed and it has the best space-saving beds in the market that will stay long with you, without making you worry about the quality.

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