FIX A SQUEAKY METAL BED: Quick fixes you can try on your own!


Imagine being wrapped in a cozy blanket, away from all the external chaos. But suddenly, you hear a squeaky cry. A chill runs through your spine. You try to shift your position, but the squeaky noise keeps increasing.  

You wake up abruptly, sweaty and tensed, only to realize it’s your metal bed that creeps out. You try to get back to sleep, cursing that you might not have a good night’s sleep again. 

The first thing you want to do in the morning is get rid of the squeakiness. You sit across the bed, trying to understand what went wrong with your metal bed which earned your trust from the moment your eye landed on it. 

While the internet might bombard you with options, you want something permanently efficient. As a leading metal bed manufacturer in India, here is our opinion on why metal beds squeak. Now you might wonder what makes us the right person to help you. 

We got a secret! Yes. Homdec takes pride in manufacturing metal beds THAT DO NOT SQUEAK! 

Let us guide you through having a peaceful sleep!  

Why do metal beds squeak?

A well-made and assembled metal bed should not squeak. So lack of proper assembling can be a primary reason for squeaking. Apart from this, a possible cause can be irregular movement between the joints. When the metal rubs against each other, they cause a squeaking sound. Another possibility can be a defect in the bolt or slacks that prevented it from being tightened properly. Sometimes it might be too tight to have free movement or too loose to hold the structure. Whatever the cause is, everything points back to square one- faulty assembling. 

If anything apart from assembling can cause a squeaky sound, it is the wear and tear of the bed. Over time, the bed structure weakens and thus aggravates irregular movements. 

Many people now preferred the artful look of metal beds but were also concerned about the noise. You worry more when you buy cheap bed frames from generic manufacturers. Thus, before making the purchase have solid research and look for testimonials in favor of the manufacturer. 

When you plan to purchase Homdec, you will find a wide range of high-caliber in quality assured metal beds and confidence in a no-questions-asked return guarantee. To our record, none of our customers have returned the purchase with the complaint of squeakiness. 

We know buying a new bed in an instant can not be the most feasible option for all. Here are a few DIY tricks to get rid of the squeaky noise.  

Quick fix for squeaky metal beds

Quick fix for squeaky metal beds

Before you step into action, identify the culprit. There can be times when your bed is not at fault, but the mattress is. Check whether your mattress is squeaky by a push into different parts of it. If you feel squeakiness, try rotating or flipping the mattress. The occasional shift might help in distributing the unevenness. If the squeak continues regardless, it is time to change it.   

Assume that the mattress was not at fault. It is time to check on that bed. Metal bed frames often get squeaky as a result of the loose bolt. If you find multiple squeaky parts, mark them using paint colors or nail polish for quick identification. Use a wrench to tighten them. If the noise continues, add a washer between the bolt and the frame and pull for a secured, noise-free fit. 

Didn’t work? Try these quick tips and fix your squeaky bed! 

  • Use lubricants 

This age-old trick never gets off fashion. Remembering your parents oiling the old iron gate or spare parts, and all of a sudden functioned smoothly & silently. Do the same for your squeaky metal bed too. It is a quick fix if the noise is due to rusting or aging of the bed. Add a little oil between the joints to reduce the friction between joints. It smoothens the movement and thus keeps the corrosion within a limit. 

Wax is another household item that can be of great help. Rub the wax candle over the contact points and bid bye to the noise. You can coat it with soap too. 

  • Layer Up

In some cases, a line of padding to the bed frame slats can reduce the squeakiness in the metal bed. Surely you can pick one from the market, but why spend when you can recycle? Place those old socks, t-shirts, stoles, or sheets in a line on each frame slat. That’s it. You are good to go now! This additional support becomes a buffer between the metal frame and mattress and eliminates the noise causing friction.   

  • Even footing

Your metal bed might squeak due to uneven flooring or the legs of the frame. Slip in an old towel or cloth under the leg frame to ensure leveled flooring. If the issue is with the uneven floor, relocate the bed to an even surfaced spot. This way, you get a noise-free bed and a new look to your room. 

  • Back it with a book

You got a good quality mattress but a squeaky bed frame. Find the spot responsible for that offending noise, and place a hard object beneath it. You can use a book or a magazine for rescue. Once done with it, test for a couple of nights. Once there is a noise reduction, you can experience a comfortable sleep.   

  • Space up

One of the possibilities of squeaking is friction between the frame and the wall. The bed frame can be friction against that beautiful frame on your wall. All you have to do is pull the bed a bit away from the wall. It saves your wall/photo frame from having a dent and keeps your bed quiet at night. 

  • Talcum Tale  

Sprinkle a generous amount of talcum powder on the squeaky joints. Powder prevents excess friction and thus abolishes the noise. It is one of the cheapest ways to prevent squeaks.   

Any bed will start to squeak over time. Now that you know a few home tricks, you can quickly eliminate the noise without burning a hole in your pockets. These tricks will work for different metal bed frames and bring back your peaceful sleep. 

But if you want to save time, pick the best metal bed from Homdec. We are a one-stop solution for all your sleeping needs. And our beds do not squeak. 

We firmly believe sleep is one of those beautiful times that deserve the best. Our beds are the epitome of comfort and class coupled together. 

If you got some DIY remedies for getting away from squeaky beds, share them with us! We would be more than happy to share it with the world. However, the best remedy is to buy a bed from us. Reach out to us at info@homdecfurniture.com.

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