Top Checklist for Buying Metal Bed Frames Online

Top Checklist for Buying Metal Bed Fames Online

A night of poor sleep is nothing less than a nightmare for the morning. Replacing the old squeaky wooden bed that steals away your sleep is the best gift you can get for yourself this new year!

Are you worried that you might end up the same way again? But did you know finding the right bed is a piece of cake? 

Opt for sleek metal bed frames, and you will eagerly wait to get to bed every night. When paired with the right mattress, the comfort of metal beds is pure bliss. They become a virtual treat by adding vibrant colors and pleasant vibes to the room. Metal beds are a no-brainer for your search for comfort, durability, elegance, and affordability- all mixed into one.

Even though buying a metal bed sounds easy, there are a few things that you need to consider before your purchase. 

Things to consider before buying metal bed frames- 

Purchasing metal beds can be daunting if you don’t plan your requirements and jump off to buy one. But that difficult decision can be made easier if you consider the following things:  

  • The size of your bedroom space: 

Before you step out to buy a metal bed- check the room size. You would not want to waste time by getting a metal bed that is either too big or too small. Avoid the chaos by measuring the available space and look up for something that would be the best fit. Also, consider leaving free space on the sides to have free movement. After all, who would want an overcrowded room where everything feels cagey?

Choose a majestic king-size bed if your room has sufficient space. Master bedrooms are the right places for such beds. On the other hand, if your available space is a little bit smaller, go for a queen-size or double bed. These beds are also suitable for guest rooms. 

A single bed can be a good fit if the room is considerably smaller or you need a bed for one person. Metal bunk beds are a good option for children’s rooms to add more fun elements.

If you already own a mattress, you might want to consider its size while making a new buy. 

  • Gaps between the slats 

Slats are the invisible heroes of your sleep on a metal bed. How? They are essential in supporting your mattress.

For an ideal sleeping experience, proper slat placement is a must. The big gap between slats will make the mattress saggy, while too closely placed slats will strain it. 

Too confusing, right? But you can keep your worries away when you purchase a metal bed from Homdec. Our slats are within a gap of 4 to 4.25 inches- an ideal placement. This gap ensures no harm to the mattress or body. 

 Keep this in mind to buy the right metal bed.

  • Style and color 

Metal beds are dull & boring. This statement is nothing but a myth. You can get a metal bed that matches your preferences perfectly. That too within your budget. Yes, comfort and style need not be expensive.

All you need is to be creative, open to design ideas, and willing to put in some effort to get the interior you want! 

Choose striking room accessories to enhance the metallic element.   

To add visual appeal, you can add accent pillows with trendy designs, a painting to the top of the bed frame, or a plush carpet on both sides.

Known for their versatility, metal beds will never be out of style. Full metal bed frames are naturally very cold, but you may paint them in vibrant hues to give the sensation of heat. These beds have a refined appearance, giving your room a fresh, attractive aspect.

  • The bed height 

The ease of getting in and out of bed is highly impacted by the gap from the floor to the top of your mattress. The ideal height of a bed is when your hips and knees are aligned with your feet flat on the ground. Our professional designers know that the bed height might influence the bedroom looks. 

A taller bed appears more unified in a room with high ceilings, while a lower bed offers the illusion of more space. Nowadays, there are adjustable metal bed frames available in the market, which makes it easier for you to set the height at your convenience. 

Consider the age of the person who will use the bed while picking the bed height. A full-grown adult can climb in and out of a higher bed easily compared to a senior citizen. Children between the ages of two and six find it easier to get in and out of a lower bed, and being a little closer to the floor makes falling out of bed in the middle of the night less dramatic.

  • The bed’s legs

A strong foundation leads to a strong structure. This life quote holds very true for metal beds too. Strong & sturdy legs are essential to accommodate the weight and thus eradicate sleeping issues. The support strength of the bed does not depend solely on the number of legs but also depend on the thickness of the tube.

Also, consider that the bed leg does not damage your floor. Leather caps can be a good alternative to protect the floor from leg dents.  


Replacing a bed is never an easy decision. Nor is compromising your peaceful sleep. Buying a new one can be chaotic for a couple of days, but once you are in your blanket, it is all dreamy! Nothing is a match for classic metal bed frames that are upbeat and elevate the essence of your bedroom. 

Before buying, keep these things in mind. It will ensure that you bring the right metal bed frame home! 

 While by now you are confident about the metal bed purchase, how to pick the one for you? All you got to do is check out Homdec’s wide range of metal bed frames. We focus on providing one-of-a-kind sleeping experiences to the customer. Our beds are comfortable, maintainable, durable, and affordable – all at the same time. Plus, we are proud to share these beds are manufactured under the Make in India scheme.

Don’t just sleep. Sleep comfortably! 

If you have queries regarding our beds, you can reach out to us at info@homdecfurniture.com

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